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NTC Nutrient Transport Concept Fitline

Our scientists developed NTC delivery of nutrients to where they are needed, exactly when they are needed…to the cellular level! That strengthens not just immunity, but also heart and circulation, so you feel completely fit and able to function all day. While most supplements on the market today only allow for about 15-30% absorption, FitLine products allow for nearly 100% absorption of the nutrients through the NTC process.

“You Are What You Absorb”. The absorption rate of nutrients has been scientifically proven to increase dramatically the effectiveness of the nutrition you take!

Top Seller    Pro Shape pdf

HerbaSlim Tea pdf

Learn more about all the products plus the tool ... "vital scanner" 

Fitline ProShape
Fitline Herbaslim

Activize OxyPlus 

Restorative pdf

Power Cocktail pdf

Fitline Activize
Fitline Basics Nutrition
Fitline Restorate Nutrition
Fitline Kids PowerCocktail Junior

The Basics pdf

Basics + Activize      Together

Heart Duo


Fitline Basics Nutrition
Fitline Activize Nutrition
Fitline Restorate Nutrition
Fitline Power Cocktail
Ultimate Young NTC absorption

Ultimate Young pdf


The PM-International group is well positioned worldwide with major headquarters in Europe, North America, and Asia.
PM sells its patented & premium self-developed dietary supplement and cosmetic products in 35 countries worldwide through 30 international locations. 


PM International German MLM Direct Sales
Fitline Nutrition Products
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